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Moving Tips

Moving can be stressful but we make it easy and effortless

for you by giving tips to keep in mind before



Make a list of all items you will be moving prior to your move.

Keep a copy of all relevant paperwork (such as the estimate, confirmation, etc.) with you during the entire process of your move in case you need to refer to it


Eliminate what you don’t want or need before you move.

If you haven’t used it in over a year and it isn't a valuable family heirloom, you probably don’t need it. Donate it to a charity, sell it in a garage sale or get rid of it. There is little sense in paying us to move items that you don’t want and won’t use.


Use appropriate cartons when packing. This will go a long way towards ensuring your goods arrive safely. Please note that plastic trash bags are not appropriate cartons under any circumstances. Mark your boxes clearly with the name of the room in which you would like each carton placed, and when packing, note the contents on the box and designate which room in the new location the box need to go to


Carry your valuables and necessary medications with you. The mover is not responsible for these items. Place all items not to be packed or taken by the mover in a safe and separate place, such as an empty closet or spare bathroom. Tell the movers that this area is off-limits because it contains items you wish to move yourself. Be sure that all the packers and movers know which items are to be packed and moved, and which items are not. 


Looking for a bit more information about our services and plans? Here is a collection of all the questions we usually get asked by our clients for your convenience. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

  • How far in advance should I schedule a move?
    In order to ensure a stress-free move, we suggest scheduling your move as far in advanced as possible. We suggest contacting us no later than two weeks in advanced of your desired move date. However, we understand that planning in advanced is not always possible and we will do our best to accommodate our last-minute customers.
  • What are your packing options?
    We understand that plans and dates may need to be adjusted, and we will always help you figure out a new moving plan on a different day. Please be aware that some changes may impact the price of your move. We recommend contacting us at least two days in advanced of your currently scheduled move.
  • Is the cost of disassembling and reassembling furniture included in my estimate?
    We make sure to give you a detailed estimate of your move so there are no surprise charges. If you need furniture to be disassembled and/or reassembled, we will include that in your estimate. If you need last-minute assistance disassembling/reassembling furniture not included in your estimate, we will be happy to help. Please be aware that this may impact the price of your move
  • My move date changed, what should I do?"
    There are a few ways to schedule a move with us. You can contact us at any time via e-mail or phone. Email: Phone: Phone: 0208 123 7369
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