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The Guild’s priority has always been, and remains, consumer protection in an industry where there are no specific laws to protect the moving public.

The Guild’s efforts in respect of consumer protection were recognised by Which? The magazine suggested that its readers look out for a Guild member when moving home.

Further still, The Guild has been consulted by the national media (including The BBC) on matters relating to the removals industry. The Guild has been asked to contribute as industry advisers by ‘Watchdog’ and ‘Don’t Get Done Get Dom’ on episodes featuring removers and is a preferred consultant to the National Press.

The Guild also pioneered, and introduced into the removals industry, a number of consumer protection “firsts”, one of which was its greatest achievement to date by helping to found The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme (RIOS).

Featured by Guild Members:

Compulsory Membership in the Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme
Compulsory Ombudsman Scheme Approved Inspection Programme
Ombudsman Scheme Approved Code of Practice
Ombudsman Scheme Approved Quality Monitoring Programme
Ombudsman Scheme Approved Complaints Procedure

We are part of the National Guild of Removers Association.

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